About Us

At Sandra Smith™, we focus on the meaningful. From heartfelt messages lining the colorful insides of our gifted bags to our motivational baskets sitting pretty atop a youth counselor’s desk, we thrive on making things that give people the feels. And we take our job personally: all our products are handmade from start to finish in Queens, New York, by designer, Sandra, and our growing team of local women whom are just as keen on creating goods that are made to last.



FOUNDER'S STORY   Sandra is interested in getting to the heart of common objects—transforming simple, everyday pieces into something more meaningful with motivational messages and other special details. Sandra’s passion for creating art has been lifelong, and her entrepreneurial spirit made for quick success at turning her creations into a business. That success empowered Sandra to break her silence on a difficult topic: her personal struggle with domestic violence. Now a survivor, she has been an advocate for domestic violence awareness. Being soft and strong are not mutually exclusive—Sandra proves it.

MAKING EVERY BAG COUNT   We partner with domestic violence awareness nonprofits toward creating a culture of zero tolerance for domestic violence. Visit our Blog to see the ways we are making a difference.