New Retailer: Market House of Westwood, New Jersey

We are super excited to introduce Market House as a new retailer of our handmade goods! Located in Westwood, New Jersey, Markethouse is a beautiful boutique shop that highlights a variety of beautiful crafts made by local artisans. Always on the search for meaningful gifts, Market House owners Chelsea and Sarah are delighted to begin stocking some of our very own handmade clutches, bags, and linen catchalls.

Market House was conceived by friends Sarah and Chelsea during their trip to Valladolid, Mexico to donate groceries, toiletries, and other basic necessities to a handful of local families in a poverty-stricken village. Inspired to continue their benevolent mission, they expanded Sarah's wholesale organic beauty products business. As a retailer, Market House allows these New Jersey natives to fund local talent and provide their community with handmade, meaningful gifts all while doubling their capacity to raise funds for the families in Mexico.

The mission behind Market House is very simple: they believe in giving back to others. The best way to bring more happiness into the world is often with handmade crafts that are sewn with a bit of love and a few words of encouragement. If you're a New Jersey local, make sure to check out our meaningful gifts and décor at our new favorite retailer!

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