Celebrating a Partnership with Gifts That Give Back

Sandra Smith is proud to announce its new domestic violence awareness partnership with the NCADV—the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Two percent of all future proceeds will be donated to the NCADV to help in their efforts to affect public policy, strengthen the voice of survivors, and extend confidential aid to those struggling to escape from abusive relationships.

Domestic violence awareness is at the core of our company's mission and is the driving force behind our own designs. Sandra, herself a victim of long-term domestic abuse, began her own business selling gifts that give back to empower others and encourage the growth of meaningful intimate connections and strong friendships. With short and sweet inspirational messages, Sandra's custom-made bags and décor help foster those connections on a daily basis. Strong support networks are essential to building the confidence and security necessary to break away from harmful individuals and toxic environments.

The NCADV is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a culture of zero tolerance for domestic violence across America. Besides providing essential information and helpful resources via their website, the NCADV offers tangible help through their extensive networks and partnerships to help victims escape from their current situations and take ownership of their financial, reproductive, and physical health.

Our team here at Sandra Smith knows how easy it is for victims to blame themselves, and, as an extension, how love plays an important role in combatting self-doubt and disparagement. A few words of encouragement go a long way, and each individual has the power to make a world of a difference simply by offering a helping hand and a glimmer of hope to someone in need. In honor of this domestic violence awareness partnership, Sandra Smith is coming out with two new exciting gifts that give back—a "Warrior" long throw pillow and a linen catchall that reads "Life is Tough but so are You." So, please come and join us in our effort to combat domestic violence with a personalized gift that is sure to remind someone dear to you that he or she is loved and valued every single day.

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