Perfect Sisters Quotes for Bridesmaids In Your Wedding Party

Wedding gifts are always tricky, but they can be especially difficult to find for a sister or sister-in-law. 

Your sister was there on your first day of school, your first date, your high school graduation, and too many birthdays to count. So, how do you condense a lifetime of memories into a neatly wrapped package tied with a bow?

You may not have known your sister-in-law as many years, and now you're practically family! What kind of gift would set the right tone for a meaningful relationship for years to come?

With Sandra Smith's custom bags, you can embed a personalized message into a gift she can treasure long after the banquet hall is swept and the flowers have withered away.

A few words, if chosen correctly, can go a long way. Here we've listed some sister quotes and sister quotes for your sister-in-law to get you started with the perfect wedding gifts:


Sisters by chance, friends by choice

So lucky to have you as my sister

So thankful for a sister like you

Distance wherever, Sisters forever

No better friend than a sister

Always my sister, forever my friend

Sisters make the best friends

Sisters are joined heart to heart

A loyal sister is worth a thousand friends

Big sister, biggest role model

Sisters are different flowers from the same garden


Thank you for being the sister I never had

Love you like a sister

Sis•ter-in-law: (n) Sisters by marriage, friends by choice

Now you really are my sister

Thanks for being my un-biological sister

Sister from another mister

Forever my soul sister

You’ll always be my person

Bridesmaid and soon my sister

Today I gain the sister I always wished for

Hopefully, these sister quotes and sister quotes for your sister-in-law will help you celebrate your loved ones on their special day. Enjoy and comment below to let us know which ones you liked and which ones you'd like to add.

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